Vampire The Masquerade: Belie

Vampire The Masquerade: Belie - Part 1

Taking what you need and learning what you can

Victora, Phil, Eddy and Hawk begin preparations and venture out to find clues.

Eddy finds his first Corrupt mortal to feed on. All the character learn of his taste for corrupt blood. With some help from Gorgoran he learns of a corrupt doctor who sells prescription drugs for profit. Here Eddy learns the layout of the hospital, where camera blind spots are at and the most "secluded" area of the hospital.

Then we see Phil take an Uber to chandler with driver Jean, a talkative woman with 7 kids who gives Phil a 5star rating. He finally makes it to the Mormon temple in Chandler which he believes is protected by some sort of magic. As he uses his heighten sense to listen, he notices that there is chanting coming from inside the temple and after careful consideration he decides to knock on the door. There he meets Dahlila, a Tremere vampire with purple hair who is cautious when opening the door. Phil comes asking to learn the path of Blood and he learns that Dahlila is interested in learning his path of Technomancy. They agree to meet at a location of Dahlila's choice the following day.

Hawk decides to stay at the hotel and talk to Gorgoran about feeding. Here he learns that most kindred in Phoenix don't appreciate the Nosferatu and look down on them as Sewer rats. Gorgoran lets him know that he does not share that view and that any Nosferatu is always welcome in his domain. Gorgoran guides hawk to a ballroom in which a herd of humans is present for vampires to feed. The only instruction here is "don't kill" and with that Hawk drinks from the most beautiful woman in the room and notifies that staff that he is done with her.

A few hours later Hawk, Phil, Eddy and Victoria return to the hotel and decide to go to Bugia, an exclusive location in Paradise Valley, AZ where only vampires with the right credentials can attend and unfortunately the Nosferatu aren't welcome. 

- To be Continued-



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