Vampire The Masquerade: Belie

Vampire the Masquerade: Belie - First Night

Eddy, Victoria, Phil and Hawk arrive in Phoenix, Arizona for the first time.
They have been summoned by Gorgoran, the acting Prince of Phoenix.

Here they learn that Prince Lucanor has gone missing and receive an order to find him with the promise that they will be well compensated although the compensation was not reveled.

Gorgoran explains that the Prince left on a "special" mission which to his knowledge No one knows the details of. The prince has been gone for three months and his disappearance has been kept under wraps so that other are not alarmed. 
After learning that The Prince was last headed towards Tucson, that he denied the ability to Sire to a Malkavian named Byron and that he drove a custom made McLaren, the kindred are outfitted with armor, cell phones, weapons and an Uber App to aid them on their search.



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