Vampire The Masquerade: Belie

Vampire The Masquerade: Belie - Part 2
Club Bugia

Eddy, Victoria, Hawk and Phil head to Club Bugia in Paradise Valley, AZ.

Eddy drives his "Vintage" Vehicle to the location and parks it a few blocks away. Hawk stays away from the entrance and decides to walk around the premises. Here he learns that Club Bugia is located in a culdesac where only a one story house stands. The surrounding areas are covered in hedges and gardens. (This location is at the top of a mountain for privacy) Only a fence surrounds the house.


He circles the house and sees 10 guards walking around. on the west side of the house there is a structure with no windows. In the center an empty room stands with two people at the door and a big square at the center.  There is a pool in the back yard. On the east side there is a room with computer monitors and about 3 vampires inside. Maintaining his awareness Hawk decides to hide by some shrubs and listen in on conversations had by Phil,Eddy and Victoria inside Club Bugia. 


They approach the front gate and furnish the black cards provided by Gorgoran. As they approach the door they notice that the double doors are decorated with intricate carvings and they appear to have been imported from eastern Europe. Some carvings on the door reference kindred lore. The doors are opened by two women who appear to be identical twins. They gesture to the square adjacent to the entrance and after the kindred enter the room they close the door.
Then, the twins approach two pillars at each end of the square and enter a code not visible to the kindred. Suddenly the square begins to lower and they begin their descent to the legendary Club Bugia.


He notices a female figure pass by him incredibly fast, the figure enters the premises and then disappears into the night. Staying hidden, he pays attention to the manor and notices that the 10 guards decrease in numbers. ONE by ONE….


As they make their decent into Club Bugia they arrive at a square room that resembles historic palaces in France and Italy. The room is adorned with paintings that look like masterpieces worth millions. Victoria has a hard time containing her Amazement but manages to pull it together. Here they meet Crystal, the hostess of Club Bugia for the evening. She welcomes them, gives them a brief history of the location and explains that the paintings here include works form artists like Monet and Da Vinci.

She then walks them over to the main ballroom where they can hear a live band play classical music and see more art along the walls and even on the ceiling. Chandeliers adorn the room that seems to be at least three stories high. Crystal offers the kindred cocktails which are all made of their blood of choice but in a way that resemble drinks enjoyed by humans.


Upon entering she is immediately recognized by other kindred in the room. She leaves Eddy and Phil and begins to socialize with the kindred of Phoenix.


Eddy "sweet talks" Crystal and she provides information on Linda a politically savvy kindred who knows everything and everyone there is to know in Phoenix and Sebastian the owner of Club Bugia who's prized possession is a one of a kind original Leonardo Da Vinci painting that is kept in a secure location. She also informs them that Byron's membership to Club Bugia was revoked due to a conflict that he had with another kindred. Although she doesn't have much details since she wasn't hostess that night.
In exchange for the information provided Eddy now owes Crystal a Favor.

Meanwhile Phil listens to conversations had by different kindred in the room and learns…

1. Not everyone in the room likes Sebastian

2. Sebastian and other kindred were speaking to each other in "code".

3. If asked about art Sebastian would be willing to grant an audience. 

With that knowledge right after Sebastian asks the room to toast "To great times and a prosperous future to all" and makes his way out, Phil (in Italian) Introduces himself and comments on his art collection. This bold move impresses Sebastian and he agrees to meet with the kindred at a later time to discuss art…

Then Eddy approaches Linda, who quickly tells him to "Skip the sweet talk and get to the point"  and without giving away any information about the Prince being Missing Eddy manages to arrange a meeting with Linda and she also agrees to send him a list of kindred of note via e-mail. 


While hiding, suddenly he stops hearing "night sounds" and feels arms around his neck. A female voice asks him to send a message to Eddy which reads "I'm Coming" Hawk sends the text message and asks the woman who she is and what she wants. She responds by throwing a few punches at Hawk which he blocks with relative ease and then the woman leaves Hawk  promising that they will meet again.


Making their way up the elevator and to the empty room they entered through They notice that a once empty room with twins is now filled with kindred. Then, as they walk outside they see the bodies of guards out on the lawn. The bodies are placed in a specific pattern that spells the name EDDY.


After leaving Club Bugia and the human bodies behind they find that Eddy's car tires have been slashed, his ignition has been tampered with and his shot gun has been stolen…

They have no other choice but to have Phil use the Uber app to head to the Hotel before sunrise and deal with the vehicle later.

Vampire The Masquerade: Belie - Part 1
Taking what you need and learning what you can

Victora, Phil, Eddy and Hawk begin preparations and venture out to find clues.

Eddy finds his first Corrupt mortal to feed on. All the character learn of his taste for corrupt blood. With some help from Gorgoran he learns of a corrupt doctor who sells prescription drugs for profit. Here Eddy learns the layout of the hospital, where camera blind spots are at and the most "secluded" area of the hospital.

Then we see Phil take an Uber to chandler with driver Jean, a talkative woman with 7 kids who gives Phil a 5star rating. He finally makes it to the Mormon temple in Chandler which he believes is protected by some sort of magic. As he uses his heighten sense to listen, he notices that there is chanting coming from inside the temple and after careful consideration he decides to knock on the door. There he meets Dahlila, a Tremere vampire with purple hair who is cautious when opening the door. Phil comes asking to learn the path of Blood and he learns that Dahlila is interested in learning his path of Technomancy. They agree to meet at a location of Dahlila's choice the following day.

Hawk decides to stay at the hotel and talk to Gorgoran about feeding. Here he learns that most kindred in Phoenix don't appreciate the Nosferatu and look down on them as Sewer rats. Gorgoran lets him know that he does not share that view and that any Nosferatu is always welcome in his domain. Gorgoran guides hawk to a ballroom in which a herd of humans is present for vampires to feed. The only instruction here is "don't kill" and with that Hawk drinks from the most beautiful woman in the room and notifies that staff that he is done with her.

A few hours later Hawk, Phil, Eddy and Victoria return to the hotel and decide to go to Bugia, an exclusive location in Paradise Valley, AZ where only vampires with the right credentials can attend and unfortunately the Nosferatu aren't welcome. 

- To be Continued-

Vampire the Masquerade: Belie - First Night

Eddy, Victoria, Phil and Hawk arrive in Phoenix, Arizona for the first time.
They have been summoned by Gorgoran, the acting Prince of Phoenix.

Here they learn that Prince Lucanor has gone missing and receive an order to find him with the promise that they will be well compensated although the compensation was not reveled.

Gorgoran explains that the Prince left on a "special" mission which to his knowledge No one knows the details of. The prince has been gone for three months and his disappearance has been kept under wraps so that other are not alarmed. 
After learning that The Prince was last headed towards Tucson, that he denied the ability to Sire to a Malkavian named Byron and that he drove a custom made McLaren, the kindred are outfitted with armor, cell phones, weapons and an Uber App to aid them on their search.

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